VOTE Postcards


VOTE Postcards


Want to participate deeper in democracy? Join me and the many other volunteers with Postcards To Voters to encourage voter registration and participation.

Sign up at to get started. Once you are approved (they will ask for a handwriting sample since all cards must be handwritten) you can easily text their hotline and receive a set of instructions and addresses.

You need to provide your own postcards and postage, but it's a pretty simple way to get involved from home.

To me, voting is the bare minimum we can do to encourage progress in our communities. I'm of the opinion that we vote AND join our local mutual aid efforts / community farms / local organizations. When you sit out the vote, your are giving away your voice and power to somebody else.

Midterms are this year and the 2024 election is not that far behind. Sending 10-50 postcards between now and November can make a difference. Let's do this.


This is a pre-order item from July 12 - July 27, 2022. Once I get a sense of how many people want them. I will order from the printer and ship them to you around August 4. In the meantime, register with and get approved as a sender. You can also buy blank postcards from your local art supply store and DIY some while you wait for these to ship. Postcard postage available from the USPS store.

First class shipping to the U.S. is included in the listed price of these cards. If you add any items besides postcards to your cart, you will be charged shipping only on those items.

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