Artist Series - Exhalations by Bekka Palmer

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Artist Series - Exhalations by Bekka Palmer

Sold out

Bekka painted these baskets as an extension of the Exhalation series available as prints.

These are a three dimensional version of watercolor paintings. Moving around the baskets adds a layer of dynamism to the work! Each of the three pieces is one-of-a-kind.

An exhalation is the invisible string between the inside of your body and the rest of the universe. Every breath is a thread attached to this very time and place. All the exhalations of your life tangle and dance. Imagine the shape of your breath, weaving itself around the room, reaching a little farther each time you exhale.

On an exhale a bit of you flows out to become part of the universe. Each breath connects to the here and now. While the air will eventually dissipate, every exhale remains in our atmosphere forever. Another living being will inhale your exhalation and transform it into something else, and eventually you will take it in once again. The cycle will repeat your entire life! Connecting each and every being on this planet to one another. What a gift.

Stand back and squint, can you see it? Every brush stroke is an exhale. Twisting and curling and tangling in the air. Take a look and breathe deeply: inhale the world and exhale yourself back out into it.

  • Around the Studio

Bekka in a very colorful studio holding a favorite handmade basket.

Photo of the Closed Mondays studio with a rainbow wall of baskets.Image of Closed Mondays baskets in a pile.