Wave Shelf Sample Sale

$58.00 $115.00

Wave Shelf Sample Sale

$58.00 $115.00

Hello hello! We had quite the production mishap with a shipment of wave shelves.. the manufacturer forgot to weld them before sending them to be powder-coated. Apparently once that paint cures, it's no longer possible to get a proper weld, so here we are sitting on a collection of shelves that aren't quite up to par!

We don't want to throw them in the recycling bin, so we're making them available at a steal of a deal at $58 a pop (that's 50% off the regular price!). Call it a mistake, misatke, sample sale or second, we need to clear this shelf space!

The good news is, the power of gravity will hold the top part of the shelf down if you put enough stuff on the top! Or! It's a cute desktop organizer, and you can just set it upright on a surface and organize your folders inside.

We make no guarantees about the quality of this product, if you want the real deal go on ahead to the Wave Shelf page to get a fully functional shelf.

Available in Blue and Yellow :) Ships within 5 business days.

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Yes! We offer local pickup in Brooklyn, New York. 

Our studio is located at 325 Rutledge St. Brooklyn, NY 11211.

We are available for pickups Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. If you cannot make it in that window please select to have your item(s) shipped at checkout.

Once you arrive there is a smiley face on the door and a doorbell to the right. Ring the bell and ask for Closed Mondays to receive your package.


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