Our thoughts on the holiday promotions crazy-ness

Our thoughts on the holiday promotions crazy-ness

Attention shoppers! 

We’re as shocked as you are, but apparently it’s November. As much as this time (the end of the year!) can mean reflection, it also kicks off a season of spending, for better or worse. If you’ve been following us for a while, you may already be familiar with how we feel about discounts and sales. Since it’s one of the core tenets of Closed Mondays, it bears repeating: we don’t believe in them.

Hyper sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday put the emphasis on consumption rather than care and craftsmanship; they encourage excessive spendingjust because, and we have a problem with that. There’s no need to stock up on things you don’t necessarily need just for the sake of taking advantage of a deal. In fact, when companies offer steep discounts on a holiday—and then bring the price back up when it’s over—it begs the question what something is actually worth, and why you should spend your money on it.

At Closed Mondays, it’s important to us to never make you feel as though we’re taking you for a ride. Our items are priced according to what we believe they are worth, both in quality and so we can continue as a company. Everything is made to order and we don’t sit on inventory we just want to clear—it’s not disposable to us. We always hope whichever one of our items you pick, it’s because you’ve given it thought and you want to add something special to your own home or a loved one’s.

Which doesn’t mean we don’t want to thank our customers! Starting today, and through December 15, we’ll be including a little buddy (these cuties) with every purchase of $150 or more! (Offer expires Dec 31, 2019)

So go ahead and peruse our website now, take your time selecting what you’d like, and order when you’re ready. Nothing will be marked down because it doesn’t need to be!