About Closed Mondays & the founder

We are a design and manufacturing studio with a focus on making work human. We design and manufacture handmade baskets and home goods. Our baskets are made with love at our studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Closed Mondays started when our founder, Bekka, was looking for a project to satisfy her creativity. My vision is that every person in the world works only 4 days per week.

Why Closed Mondays? We feel as though the traditional Monday through Friday nine to five isn't necessary in the modern world. We believe that if people have a great life outside of work, they bring more energy into their work. People need rest and balance in the overstimulating world we are currently living in. Productivity is not a reason for existence. Our bodies and minds need time away from work and productivity in order to thrive.

Closed Mondays was founded by Bekka Palmer. Bekka is a designer, photographer and generally crafty person. Her grandma taught her to sew by age 6 and she hasn't stopped since.

Made in NYC

Proudly Made in NYC!


We are not offering any wholesale accounts at this time. We encourage you to check back next year!