Short but sweet February news

Short but sweet February news

The Closed Mondays studio: a countertop filled with baskets waiting to be shipped.

Around the studio.

What we are listening to: Whistleblower a podcast about a referee betting scandal in the NBA that might just be the key to a much larger fraud.

Watching: Top Chef reruns in preparation for the new season.

Excited about: Our new label printer from Rollo that makes purple smiley face stickers for our packages.

Recommending: Bamboo Balm from Papa Rozier Farms (Black-owned in Brooklyn!) for healing dry hands this winter.

Making: Croakies for our masks! (Pictured below.) What's a croakie?! Also known as a mask chain, it's the little string with clips on the ends that can hold your mask around your neck during those brief moments you take it off. Get your own beading supplies at our sister company: Studio Sundays.

Eating: Pizza (duh!)

The Closed Mondays studio: a countertop with baskets waiting to be painted.

If you want to offer support to folks in Texas and have not made a donation yet, I suggest giving to the fundraiser hosted by AOC. The platform, Act Blue will automatically split the donation between several smaller organizations that cover a wide range of current needs from food banks to organizations working to end homelessness and offering direct support to people who need it.

Wow! You made it so far along in this post. We are starting a new giveaway for email subscribers called Buddies4Buddies. Each month we draw one name from our subscriber list and gift a Little Buddy to a friend on your behalf. Scroll to the bottom of the website to get on our email list and you could win a buddy for your buddy!