Winding down the season.

Winding down the season.

September 25, 2020

There’s not a lot to say that hasn’t been said already about the past few months. They have been tough on every level to say the least. We’re dealing with a pandemic on a scale that’s never been experienced by our generation, we’re watching our political system crumble under leadership that seems to be living with no values whatsoever except the accumulation of wealth and power, we’re seeing the effects of climate change decimate entire communities, and we’re pretty isolated from friends and family. Any one of those events alone would be an emotional burden that’s almost unbearable but here we are at the conjunction of everything.

However amongst all of this strife I feel a little stirring of hope. There is a revolution underway as our priorities have come into sharp focus. I see more and more people giving up on individualism and turning to community based efforts in healing, feeding and caring for each other. I have seen more mutual aid efforts, more protesters for Black Lives, more neighbors looking out for each other than ever in my life. There are more corporations committing to end climate change and more small businesses finding their voice in their values.

So I’ve been focusing on the small things. The steps I can personally take and the optimism I see coming from other companies and people. We’re taking a lot of time away from the office this season to make calls on behalf of the Democrats to make sure people show up to vote. We’re taking as much rest as we need so we can show up as our full selves. We’re building this business as an antithesis to white supremacist ideals by taking things slowly, distributing power (and money), defining growth and success on our own terms, and continuing our focus of quality over quantity.

As we come into fall, we are all realizing just how much time we are going to be spending at home over the next 6 months. We believe everyone deserves a safe and comfortable home. We’re giving $500 & a set of jewelry trays to Just Human, a community that collects, stores, and redistributes curated home good donations to families escaping domestic violence. If you have some cash to spare right now, consider donating to their IFundWomen campaign or purchasing items on their wishlist.

Additionally we love to hear from you about the ways you are finding hope or taking action, so feel free to respond to this email with any foundations you are supporting or ideas for the world you want to see.