Artist Series - Lise Silva Gomes


Artist Series - Lise Silva Gomes


Lise (Portuguese spelling pronounced just like Lizzie) is an artist, author, instructor, sleuth, and Mariah Carey enthusiast. Her work covers a lot of ground; she is particularly known for her knot art. If you follow her on Instagram or Patreon you get a taste of her research skills and wealth of historical knowledge in the fiber arts. She writes about craft, ethics and our responsibility to know where our techniques come from and how to build your own techniques and style without appropriating. She is also enthusiastic about art as a hobby. You don't necessarily need to get caught up in making your work into commercial goods. Some things don't have to exist in the toxic cycle of capitalism.

These special pieces are based on our sculptural baskets. Lise spent time with them to weave her sacred knots through the base structure. The result is an incredible combination of fibers that hit a combination of playful, refined, and dimensional. The pieces fall squarely in the realm of fine art.

Closed Mondays is delighted to bring them to you. 15% of the proceeds will go to Oakland Frontline Healers and the remaining 85% directly to the artist.

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