Water Bottle Sling

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Water Bottle Sling

Sold out

Is staying hydrated a challenge for you, too? I have found that the only way I will consistently drink a lot of water is to keep the bottle is by my side.

Last year, I created this water bottle sling for myself. I wanted the bottle to be easier to carry around. It actually worked! easier to grip than the large Nalgene bottles and convenient to sling over my shoulder when moving around the office. I had so much success in my hydration that I wanted to make it available to you!

Comes in three sizes! Water bottle not included.

Mini - holds 16 oz Nalgene $58
Regular - holds 32 oz Nalgene $64
Tall - holds 48 oz Nalgene $72

If you don't already have a Nalgene, you can get one on their website.

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